Price list of roasted coffee


Amáres coffee 

Brazil Peaberry  

Unique coffee variety Mundo Nuovo. Its aroma reminiscent high-percentage chocolate. The taste čokoádové tones with low acidity. Suitable for espresso and alternative methods.

100g                  67,-Kč

250g                168,-Kč 

1kg                  670,-Kč 

Colombia Huila Supremo

The Supremo Huila 18 is one of the finest coffees from Colombia.Coffee is fine, with full body and medium acidity level, strong aroma, with taste shade of citrus fruits and cherries.

100g                  65,-Kč  

250g                163,-Kč  

1kg                  650,-Kč 

Ethiopia Sidamo 2Gr.

Coffee has a medium sour taste with a strong body, tastes of berry; it has a lightly earthy taste with a touch of spice.

100g                  63,-Kč

250g                158,-Kč 

1kg                  630,-Kč

Costarica SHB Tarrazu San Rafael

Coffee is full, with strong floral aroma, well balanced on the palate of taste with strong citrus acidity and chocolate echo.

100g                  69,-Kč

250g                172,- Kč

1kg                  670,-Kč

El Salvado La Loma

Coffee with fruity aroma, at the taste we can recognize chocolate tones and caramel. Coffee has a balanced taste and very low level of acidity.

100g                  67,-Kč

250g                168,-Kč

1kg                  670,-Kč 

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